ICR SelfService

Kiosk Point of Sale

Self service software for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare from ICRTouch. Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff.


  • SelfService can be used as an order point kiosk, at the table or for drive thrus.
  • Reduce queues and over crowding.
  • Advertise on the standby screen.
  • Upsell with prompts.
  • Payment is upfront reducing erroneous orders.
  • Self Service is dependable. It doesn’t arrive late and provides a consistent service to every customer.
  • Clear easily identifiable allergen info.
  • Pairs with CollectionPoint digital displays.


Order Point – The clear and easily identifiable allergen information on each product means that users don’t have to search elsewhere or ask a member of staff if the product is safe for them or their children.

At The Table – With SelfService at the table your customers aren’t left waiting to order. It speeds up customer turnaround time increasing your profits. Encourage customers to impulse buy throughout their sitting.

Drive Thru– Free staff from their intercom and till. Payments at the kiosk also eliminate the the need for a second payment window, streamlining customer flow from order straight through to the pick up window.

Advertise – The standby screen can be used as digital signage to passively interact with customers as they walk by.

Upfront – Compulsory payment at the time of order reduces the risk of erroneous orders being made.

Dependable – SelfService will always get to work on time and doesn’t call in sick.

CollectionPoint – Pair SelfService with CollectionPoint. Customer receipts will be assigned a printed ticket number, whilst the order is sent straight through to your CollectionPoint display screen.

Payment Methods – Let your customers choose if they would like to pay at the order point or at the counter. Our EFT solutions accept chip & pin, contactless and mobile payment methods.

For further details on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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