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Till and PDQ/Card Terminal Rolls

We offer bulk buy discounts on all rolls starting from a total of just 2 boxes and you can ‘Mix and Match‘ your till roll selection to make further savings.

TypeStock CodeSizeBox of
1 PlyEP00144 x 8040
1 PlyEP00237 x 7040
1 PlyEP00357 x 5740
1 PlyEP01676 x 7620
2 PlyEP202544 x 8020
2 PlyEP202676 x 7620
3 PlyEP302776 x 7620
ActionEPA00457 x 5520
ThermalEPT00144 x 8020
ThermalEPT00280 x 8020
ThermalEPT00457 x 5120
ThermalEPT00557 x 7020
ThermalEPT00657 x 3020
ThermalEPT00744 x 4020
Barcode LabelsWES0021284 per sheet250 sheets
We also supply Chip & Pin Terminal Thermal Rolls

Bulk Buy Discounts

2 Boxes – 10% discount

5 Boxes – 20% discount

15 Boxes – 30% discount

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All of our rolls are manufactured using only the very best in paper quality “Grade A“.

Why use Grade A Rolls?

If you use lower grade (non Grade A) rolls, dust from the paper will build up and will eventually cause the printer to jam/malfunction. By using Grade A paper rolls in your equipment you will avoid many of the printer malfunctions and will prolong its life.

Paper Rolls Explained…

Single Ply (1 Ply)

The traditional type of till roll consisting of a single sheet of paper.

2 & 3 Ply

Consists of 2/3 sheets of paper. These rolls have a coating of micro capsules on either the front or back of the paper. The 3 ply variety has the coating on both sides of the second copy. In order to produce an image on the top copy, a ribbon is required in the printer


Enables the print to be carried through to multiple layers of your till receipts without using a ribbon. The paper is covered with a micro capsule coating which forms an image when you apply pressure to it, thereby bursting the micro capsules.


This is heat sensitive paper. These are used in machines with a thermal print head. It is only one ply paper and has a shiny, smooth surface.

Ink Rollers & Ribbons

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