Replace those paper print-outs and time-hungry shelf-checks with the TouchStock stock control device. It delivers flexibility, ease of use and speed and is the perfect EPoS partner to complement your EPoS system.


TouchStock is the order of the day...

Stay ahead of the game when you need to order new stock. Scan a barcode and tap in how many items you need. When the job's done, simply sync the system with TouchOffice and you'll automatically create an order. It's a smarter way to work!

When your order arrives TouchStock gives you the power to accurately and reliably check deliveries. After you've waved goodbye to the truck driver, head back to your desk and link TouchStock up to TouchOffice for an easy way to add the data to your stock list. 


Count on TouchStock to know the score....

TouchStock will check that the price on the shelf is also the price you're charging at the till. Simply scan a barcode to flag up any inconsistencies with your pricing. As an added bonus you can sync TouchStock with TouchOffice to easily generate a new shelf-edge label. No writing required and everything's back on track!


What else is in store for TouchStock?

When it comes to stock-take time you'll replace a forest of paper with a single hand-held TouchStock stock control unit. 

TouchStock scans everything, item-by-item. Count up what you have and key in the total, then connect TouchStock to TouchOffice for a no-effort tally on what's been sold. TouchStock handles data effortlessly, enabling you to carry out a partial stock-take whenever you want. There's no need to check the store, because you'll be able to check one line of products instead.


One person's chips is another person's fries....

Using TouchStock when you stock-take means less duplication too. You aren't relying on staff knowing what every product is called. Instead you'll only scan the barcode... no names required and you can't count something twice.


What can be scanned in can also be removed, at the touch of a button...

TouchStock makes it easier to handle returns and waste goods because it's so simple to remove an item from your files. One touch of a button and it's like it was never there. Plus, when you use TouchStock alongside TouchOffice, the changes can also be updated to the rest of your databases.