ICRTouch is revolutionising EPoS point of sale catering software for the education sector. When they're combined, TouchPoint touch screen till software and specially designed TouchAbacus catering software package can deal specifically with the challenges of catering for schools, colleges and universities.

They offer a complete EPoS system that transforms the way meal times are run. They manage stock and implement a fair, secure, child-friendly, cashless system. The buying and selling of food and drink becomes as easy as 1...2...3. 


School days...

TouchPoint eliminates the need for children and young people to carry cash to the canteen. Instead, coins and notes are replaced by a magnetic card or a contactless smart card. If you prefer, a simple name or number can be quoted at the till, or a state of the art biometrics system can be introduced.

TouchPoint touch screen tills can display a photo of the young customer alongside their account details, ensuring the card is being used by the person for whom it was intended.

TouchPoint can operate temporary accounts for new children, visitors and for pupils who have forgotten their ID.


Flying the nest...

When it's time to start college or university, TouchPoint offers students the chance to buy food and drink without hunting for elusive cash.


Create a level playing field...

There can often be a stigma attached to eating free meals in schools. Sometimes that stigma prevents children claiming their entitlement. TouchPoint unifies how meals are purchased, helping those eating free meals to blend in.

The EPoS point of sale system also allows for extra credit on top and functions as a purse or wallet when children need a snack.

Take one TouchPoint touch screen till system, add one TouchAbacus EPoS catering software package equals...even more great features! 

TouchAbacus is software that runs on a central server. It collects and collates sales data and compiles the information into useful business/management reports. 

Creating pay accounts for pupils and students is easy with TouchAbacus. The software imports student data (it's compatible with SIMS and PASS) and creates account information to be displayed on TouchPoint tills when it's time to pay. 

TouchAbacus enables school staff to check what's being spent in the canteen. The system allows them to track vulnerable pupils ensuring children are getting what they need at lunchtime. TouchAbacus monitors the number of free meals being eaten and who is eating them. Information is centralised, easy to source and simple to compile for reports, so caterers can claim back free meals from their LEA with ease.

TouchAbacus cleverly manages VAT. It will charge the tax on accounts for adults but it will omit VAT on children's meals. 


Parental control...

TouchAbacus is designed to limit spending.  Parents and guardians retain control of their children's eating habits. The EPoS software manages expenditure at break-time and over the whole school day. Pupils can't fill up on snacks or run out of cash at lunchtime.

TouchAbacus manages online payment, working alongside existing systems like ParentPay and WisePay. It means parents and guardians can credit children's accounts over the internet, allowing for emergency top-ups.  Parents and guardians can also monitor spending online.


Boxing clever...

Combine TouchAbacus and TouchPoint with our wall-mounted industrial steel TouchTopUp cash box and you'll be offering an on-site facility to top-up catering accounts with coins and notes.

Mix TouchAbacus and TouchOffice and you'll have a comprehensive stock control management and business reporting system at your fingertips.