Casio SES-3000 Cash Register

This stylish cash register is designed to meet the needs of almost any retailer in the grocery or general mechandising fields. This compact cash register features a large 10 line LCD operator display, customer display, help function and many more easy to use functions.

Stylish design

The contoured body with two tone colouring adds further richness and elegance to your store's image. The keyboard is operator friendly, and the display angle is adjustable for easy viewing.


Support for 7000 PLUs

With support for up to 7000 PLUs and 72 departments this cash register is ideal for department stores or other stores carrying a wide variety of products.


Antibacterial Keyboard

The keyboard is treated with an anti-bacterial process that inhibits the propagation of bacteria and mould. This cash register is designed to be used in environments where sanitation is required.



A clear backlit 10 line LCD assures easy operator readability. A 2 line LCD pop-up rotatable display for the customer.


Receipt and journal printers

The speedy and quiet thermal printers meets the needs of a busy environment with clear, concise printing on paper measuring 58mm in width. Enhance your store message with graphic images.


Calculator Function

An easy to use calculator function is convenient for quick calculations in the checkout area.


SD Card storage of checkout data

Use an SD card to backup checkout data stored in the register. Data can be view in CSV format on a PC.



The Help function provides answers to frequently asked questions; from date/time programming and other receipt issuance issues to paper roll installation can be printed on receipt paper for quick reference.


Programmable logo printing

Print graphic images and free text on your receipts for promotional or other purposes. Select an attractive text font to add style to your promotions. A selection of built-in images are also available for immediate use.


Quick, easy drop-in paper loading

Paper replacement is as easy as dropping in the new paper roll. The operator can quickly and easily change rolls without keeping the customer waiting.

Casio SE-S3000

Casio SE-S3000

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